my life got about a thousand times better once i stopped censoring myself

and by censoring i don’t mean i suddenly embraced indiscriminate swearing; i mean i stopped trying to sugarcoat my past or my feelings; i stopped lying by omission; i stopped having guilty pleasures; i began unabashedly enjoying whatever i liked; i became very honest; i cut out of my life poisonous people and negative ideals, and i am so, so much happier for it

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My dreams of having a walk in wardrobe are finally coming true. I am in process of installing one in the spare room in our house and I’ve designed it to how I want it. It already looks fantastic and only the frames are up. Can’t wait to see it finished :D. Hopefully we should be all moved in by tomorrow.

Our house πŸ’œ @raddypoberts

Got the keys to the new house we’ve bought today and I am so in love with it. Few more days of moving in and flat pack building and we can stay there :D. I am so unbelievably excited for the best few days.


imagine banana with any other vowel






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Obsessed with ice tea at the minute 😍 #icetea

I really need to lock down a closet situation.